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Authors on Architecture: Harris on the Santa Monica Pier (06/23/24)


“More is More” with Hutton Wilkinson on Designer Tony Duquette (06/22/24)


Authors on Architecture: Geva on Water & Sacred Architecture (06/09/24)


Authors on Architecture: Webb on California Houses (05/19/24)


“Contemplating a Blockbuster” with Elizabeth Smith (05/18/24)


Authors on Architecture: Hargreaves on Gill (04/28/24)


“Love Affair with LA” Tim Street-Porter and Annie Kelly (04/20/24)


Authors on Architecture: Trafton on Movie-Made LA (04/14/24)


The Radical Practice of James Garrott (04/13/24)


Authors on Architecture: Adams on Bunshaft (03/17/24)


Peter J. Weber: Architect & Craftsman (03/03/24)


Authors on Architecture: Hagberg on Aline & Eero (02/11/24)


Authors on Architecture: Gallo/Caballero on Havana Modern (01/28/24)


Union Station: Behind the Scenes (01/19/24)


Schindler Druckman House (12/10/23)


Authors on Architecture: Geva on Modern American Synagogues (11/12/23)


Shoya House Tour (11/11/23)


Authors on Architecture: Crawford/Zimmerman on Detroit/Moscow (10/29/23)




Authors on Architecture: Kathrens on Newport Cottages (10/01/23)


Authors on Architecture: Cronan on Modern Architecture in California (09/24/23)


Authors on Architecture: Demshuk on Rebuilding Cities (08/20/23)


Authors on Architecture: Fontenot on Ain (07/09/23)


Authors on Architecture: Keylon on Kaptur (06/25/23)


Authors on Architecture: Hopkins on the Brutalists (06/11/23)


In-Person Members’ Celebration (06/10/23)


Authors on Architecture: Holter and Gee on The Driving Force (06/04/23)


Authors on Architecture: Stockstill & Oliver on Irvine Ranch (04/30/23)


Kelton Apartments Salon (04/01/23)


The Assassination of Jean Welz, Part 2 (03/05/23)


Authors on Architecture: Schmitzberger, Sarnitz, & McGuire on Preis (02/05/23)


Preserving the California Capitol (01/29/23)


Authors on Architecture: Lukather on Byrd (01/22/23)


After Modernism: Through the Lens of Wayne Thom (01/21/23)


Authors on Architecture: Bingen on MGM (11/20/22)


Authors on Architecture: Nevala-Lee on Buckminster Fuller (11/13/22)


Authors on Architecture: Anderton on L.A. Housing (11/06/22)


South Coast Plaza: The Grandest Mall of All (10/23/22)


Modern Main Street: South Coast Plaza (10/12/22)


Authors on Architecture: French on Hitchcock & Architecture (10/02/22)


Authors on Architecture: When Brains Meet Buildings (09/25/22)


Giovannini on Avant-Garde Architecture (07/24/22)


Authors on Architecture: Golub on Russel and Mary Wright’s Dragon Rock (07/17/22)


Julia Morgan: Outlier (06/12/22)


Behind-the-Scenes Gallery Tour (06/11/22)


Golden 1: Bringing Nature into the City (06/05/22)


Authors on Architecture: The Metropolis in Latin America 1830-1930 (05/22/22)


Authors on Architecture: Murphy & Hess on Googie (05/01/22)


Authors on Architecture: Jack Rogers Hopkins (04/10/22)


An Unlikely Modernism: Bakersfield Built (03/27/22)


Authors on Architecture: Oest on LA Public Housing (02/13/22)


Authors on Architecture: Wyeth on Welz (01/30/22)


Authors on Architecture: Long on Peters (01/23/22)


Authors on Architecture: Ettinger on Neutra in Latin America (12/12/21)


Behind-the-Scenes: Tremaine Patronage (11/20/21)


Authors on Architecture: Schwartzman on Arts & Crafts (11/14/21)


Griffith Observatory: Hollywood’s Celestial Theater (10/24/21)


A Dialogue on Reyner Banham (10/17/21)


Authors on Architecture: Araujo on Knoll (09/26/21)


Master of the Midcentury: Bill Cody (09/11/21)


Judson Studios at Forest Lawn Museum (08/28/21)


Authors on Architecture: Growing up Modern (08/21/21)


Authors on Architecture: Parsons on Colcord (07/24/21)


Richard L. Dorman: An Audacious Modernism (07/17/21)


Authors on Architecture: Wigley on Wachsmann (06/19/21)


Authors on Architecture: Henry L.A. Jekel, Regional Master (06/12/21)


Buckner on Wyn Roberts (05/22/21)


Authors on Architecture: Preserving Los Angeles (05/08/21)


Authors on Architecture: Warner Bros. (04/24/21)


Behind the Iron Curtain in 1968: In Search of the Russian Constructivists and Aalto (04/17/21)


Authors on Architecture: Bills on Thom (03/13/21)


Epiphany Ahora! With Escher GuneWardena (03/13/21)


Toward a Modern American Architecture: The Vertical Style of Will Price (03/06/21)


Authors on Architecture: Wagener & Erganian’s New West (02/06/21)


Authors on Architecture: Gee, Appleton, & Parsons on Williams (01/30/21)


Authors on Architecture: Marsak on Bunker Hill (11/14/20)


Authors on Architecture: Penick on Elizabeth Gordon (11/07/20)


ICYMI: John Parkinson’s Iconic Vision (10/17/20)


Authors on Architecture: Lautman on the Stepwells of India (10/10/20)


Authors On Architecture: Welter on Tremaine Houses (09/26/20)


Harley Earl & The Architecture of Automotive Design (08/29/20)


ICYMI: The Architecture of Apocalypse (08/15/20)


ICYMI: George E. Thomas on Frank Furness (08/01/20)


ICYMI: Adam Arenson on Millard Sheets (07/19/20)


Judson: Innovation in Stained Glass (06/06/20)


Authors on Architecture: Thomas on Furness (01/04/20)


J.R. Davidson: California Modernist (11/06/19)


Myron Hunt: Occidental College Campus Tour (11/03/19)


Authors on Architecture: Campbell on Père-Lachaise Cemetery (11/02/19)


J.R. Davidson: A European Contribution to California Modernism (10/05/19)


No Longer Forgotten: Jacques & Jacqueline Groag, Transplants of Viennese Modernism (09/28/19)


Bakersfield Built: 1960s (09/21/19)


By-Right By-Design (08/25/19)


The Architecture of Apocalypse (08/16/19)


Authors on Architecture: Gonzalez on SoCal Architects (05/19/19)


Vest Pocket Pictures: Julius Shulman (04/27/19)


DTLA Adaptive Reuse Hard-Hat Tour (03/23/19)


Authors on Architecture: Smith on Wright (03/17/19)


Authors on Architecture: Inman on the LA Guide (03/03/19)


Modern Patrons: Neutra’s Rados Residence (02/24/19)


Architects of A Golden Age (11/03/18)


Authors on Architecture: Bills on Rand (10/14/18)


R. Buckminster Fuller: Inventions & Models (10/07/18)


An Afternoon With Jim Tyler (09/30/18)


Voices From the Modern Past: CBS Columbia Square (09/22/18)


Architect as Patron: Ogosta in Culver City (08/19/18)


Authors On Architecture: Harby & Fisher on Venturi’s Rome (07/21/18)


The Show Starts on the Sidewalk (06/03/18)


Harwell Hamilton Harris (05/20/18)


Irving Gill Miltimore Residence (04/15/18)


SAH/SCC Members’ Celebration (04/08/18)


The Romance of Water and Power: Architecture as Advertisement (02/11/18)


Authors on Architecture: (11/05/17)


Soriano: Romantic Technologist (10/15/17)


Lawrence Halprin: Alternative Scores (10/01/17)


Authors on Architecture: Michigan Modern (09/23/17)


Authors on Architecture: (09/09/17)


Authors on Architecture: Buckner on Lyman (07/08/17)


Eichler Homes (05/13/17)


Authors on Architecture: Lyle on Sunnylands (04/23/17)


Eero Saarinen: The Architect Who Saw The Future (04/05/17)


The Modern Ranch House (03/26/17)


Inventing Ojai: Placemaking Through Architecture (03/19/17)


Frank Bros.: The Store That Modernized Modern (02/26/17)


Authors on Architecture: Breisch on the Central Library (01/29/17)


Members’ Celebration (01/22/17)


Ready for Take Off! (11/05/16)


Louis Kahn in San Diego and La Jolla (11/04/16)


Authors on Architecture: Serraino on Creativity (10/29/16)


Irving Gill: Los Angeles (10/22/16)


Irving J. Gill: Simplicity and Reform (09/24/16)


Fast Forward: William F. Cody (09/18/16)


Hines on Gill: Modernist Cottages: (09/17/16)


Citadel of Learning, Cathedral of Commerce (08/21/16)


Authors on Architecture: Bosley on Greene & Greene and Their Clients (07/24/16)


Los Angeles Coliseum Tour (07/16/16)


Ruth Shellhorn: Mid-Century in Southern California (06/15/16)


SAH/SCC presents an evening of film and talk focusing on Ruth Patricia Shellhorn (1909-2006), a land (04/17/16)


Dingbat 2.0: The Iconic Los Angeles Apartment (03/26/16)


The Marina Tower Display Residence (01/23/16)


Presburger Reborn (12/15/15)


“A Photographer’s Journey: The Work of Pedro E. Guerrero” (12/06/15)


SAH/SCC Members’ Celebration (10/17/15)


Walter S. White: Inventions in Mid-Century Architecture (10/10/15)


Authors on Architecture: Ostroff on Eames (09/19/15)


Lloyd Wright Heifetz Studio Tour & Panel Discussion (08/16/15)


Authors on Architecture: Howard on ‘The Thickening of Time’ (08/02/15)


Bubeshko Apartments Reborn (06/13/15)


Authors on Architecture: Universal vs. Disney (04/25/15)


Exiles & Emigres Revisited (04/18/15)


Authors on Architecture: Downtown Details (03/29/15)


Authors on Architecture: Suisman on the Boulevards (01/31/15)


It Takes a Village Green (09/06/14)


Climate Change: Mid-Century Modern in La Jolla (08/23/14)


Architect as Patron: Zajfen in Laguna Beach (07/26/14)


A “Brand” New Library Awaits (07/13/14)


John Parkinson’s Iconic Vision (06/14/14)


Modern Patrons: Ain/Eckbo (05/18/14)


The Huntington: The Library Exhibition Hall Illuminated (04/06/14)


Authors on Architecture: Frankl on Frankl (03/08/14)


Schindler’s Last, At Last (03/02/14)


Designer as Patron: Measer in Venice (02/22/14)


Edward A. Killingsworth: Master Plan for Learning (11/16/13)


Wilshire Boulevard Temple Restored (11/07/13)


Contemporary Patrons: Laidlaw Schultz in Newport Bay (10/06/13)


Architect as Patron: Duvivier in Venice (09/22/13)


The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design (08/24/13)


Never Built: Los Angeles (08/10/13)


War, Wright and Gemutlichkeit (07/21/13)


Killingsworth: An Architect's Life (05/11/13)


Unfinished Spaces (04/21/13)


Getting Going for Greta Magnusson Grossman (02/09/13)


UCSB Faculty Club Study Day (12/01/12)


Sunday in Boyle Heights: Breed Street Shul (11/11/12)


Modern Patrons: Moore in LA (10/20/12)


Conjunctive Points: Samitaur, Moss and Culver City (08/18/12)


Soriano: Before & After-The Glen Lukens Residence (07/22/12)


No Nails, No Lumber (06/09/12)


Ray Kappe: Apotheosis (05/26/12)


Modern Patrons: Kappe (05/25/12)


Reflections on Ray Kappe by Dana Hutt (05/24/12)


Japanese Restoration at the Huntington (05/20/12)


The Frontier of Leisure (04/22/12)


Carefree California (03/10/12)


Ernst L. Freud, Architect (01/12/12)


Eames Behind-the-Scenes (12/17/11)


Stone on Stone (12/10/11)


LA's Olympic History (11/05/11)


William Krisel, Architect (09/17/11)


The House That Sunshine and Oranges Built (07/30/11)


Ojai: A Postcard History (07/16/11)


Richard Neutra: Der Schoenste Kasten (06/11/11)


Santa Monica: Cradle of Modern Architecture (05/15/11)


Preservation on the Edge (05/15/11)


Modern Patrons: Straub in Pasadena (04/30/11)


Inside the Lucy Wheeler Residence (04/09/11)


LAPD Headquarters: Consensus Building (11/13/10)


Arts and Crafts In Northern California (10/16/10)


Modern Patrons: Van Der Kar in Elysian Park (09/26/10)


A Shared Perspective: The Case Study Apartments and Beyond (09/18/10)


Windows Into Eagle Rock (08/15/10)


The Spirit in Architecture (07/31/10)


A Journey with GPS-General Panel System (06/12/10)


Modern Patrons (05/08/10)


Authors on Architecture: Swan on Pond (04/10/10)


'A Very Gentle Sternness': Ain in the '30s (03/28/10)


Designed for Learning/Living (03/20/10)


Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (02/27/10)


Contemporary Patrons: Istanbullu in Beverly Hills (11/22/09)


Annual Members Celebration (11/07/09)


Masters of Modernism: Neutra and Wright (10/24/09)


Save the Date: Cliff May's Modern Ranch Houses (09/12/09)


Architecture in Film (07/11/09)


Modern Patrons: Neutra in Shoshone (03/21/09)


Modern Patrons: Georgescu in Beverly Hills (03/07/09)


Authors on Architecture: Moruzzi on Havana (01/24/09)


Greene & Greene Behind the Scenes (11/15/08)


Heritage Days (11/08/08)


Getting to Know Architect Paul Edward Tay (09/20/08)


Contemporary Patrons: Fisher in Santa Ynez (08/09/08)


Haus and Home (06/07/08)


Architecture Inside and Out (05/03/08)


Phoenix: Out of the Shadow (09/07/07)


A Block in Glendale (05/19/07)


Rodney Walker 3, 30, 90 (06/10/06)


Modern Patrons: Ellwood in Brentwood (05/13/06)


Wallace Neff: Backwards and Forwards (04/01/06)


Space and Learning (10/01/05)


Modern Patrons: Moore in Los Angeles (04/30/05)


Edward A. Killingsworth: Setting a Modern Standard (02/05/05)


Lutah Maria Riggs (10/09/04)


Modern Patrons: Straub in San Marino (09/12/04)


Walker's Homes in Ojai (05/22/04)


Rafael Soriano: Man of Steel (05/17/03)


Kesling Modern Structures (02/09/02)


Modernism for the Masses: Joseph Eichler (09/15/01)



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